12.13.101:29 PM ET

Live Chat: 'No Labels' With Mark McKinnon & John Avlon

On Monday, Democrats & Republicans put partisan politics aside with the launch of "No Labels," a new movement in America built to bridge the gap between left and right. Join the day-after live chat today, 12/14 at 12:30pm EST for a discussion.

At Monday's star-studded launch of "No Labels," a bipartisan movement seeking to put partisan politics aside, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Republican Strategist Mark McKinnon, 'Wingnuts' author John Avlon, and FL Gov. Charlie Crist joined more than 1,100 others at Columbia University to embark upon a new path towards finding common sense solutions to America's problems. Today, Tuesday, 12/14 at 12:30pm EST, McKinnon and Avlon join the Beast for a live chat to talk about the importance of bridging the gap.

Invite friends and colleagues to come chat live. Leave questions ahead of time via the comments box below. Additionally, you can contribute to the conversation by tweeting #nolabels to The Daily Beast on Twitter at @thedailybeast. Finally, enter your email address below to get a reminder once we go live. See you then!