Christina Aguilera on The Voice: Raising Her Hands and Arms

On The Voice, judge Christina Aguilera cannot keep her hands to herself. The Daily Beast and Newsweek present an original video mash-up of the enthusiastic ‘90s pop star throwing her hands up in the air time after time. See if you can keep count!

05.16.11 10:58 PM ET

Christina Aguilera has re-emerged in the spotlight recently—and not just because of her alleged drunken exploits. As one of four judges-turned-coaches on NBC’s hit reality-TV singing competition The Voice, the blonde bombshell offers guidance and constructive criticism to aspiring performers, often discussing “great talent,” “special gifts” and “fresh”-ness. In the process, she has mastered the art of throwing her hands high above her head and “woo hoo” as the excitable tweens once did for her videos on MTV’s Total Request Live. See if you can keep track of Aguilera’s propensity to raise her arms, in addition to her voice, in this original video mash-up from Newsweek and The Daily Beast.