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The Week in Viral Videos

From Mark Halperin’s Obama insult to Glenn Beck’s final show on Fox News and the latest Real Housewives tune, see our countdown of the week’s buzziest videos.

07.01.11 10:15 PM ET

10. Sox Fan’s Astonishing Cup Catch

What’s better than catching a foul ball at a baseball game? Catching it in your beer cup...and then drinking it. Watch this Red Sox fan’s impressive feat.

9. Glenn Beck: Fashion Correspondent?

Which is weirder, Beck confessing he was once a fashion journalist or Beck speaking out in support of The Onion’s bid for a Pulitzer Prize? Here, the ex-Fox News host does both.

8. James Franco’s New Music Video

Is Franco the new Gwyneth Paltrow? The actor and prolific student expanded his horizons—yet again—to include this music video. The only thing left for him to do is star in Glee.

7. Colbert Compares Bachmann, Gacy

In the wake of Michele Bachmann confusing Iowan John Wayne with serial killer John Wayne Gacy, Stephen Colbert pointed out the similarities between the presidential candidate and the serial killer. Yikes.

6. Vancouver’s Kissing Couple

What really happened to the couple kissing on the ground in the famous photo from the Vancouver riots? Watch this video to see the drama unfold—and decide for yourself if the kiss was, in fact, a kiss.

5. Cuomo: Proud to Be a New Yorker

Gov. Andrew Cuomo applauded New York for passing the marriage equality act last Friday, saying, “We reached a new level of social justice today.” Hear his celebratory words about his state’s historic decision.

4. Glenn Beck’s Closing Words

Beck’s final goodbye on his Fox News show was surprisingly lacking tears and conspiracy theories, but the host didn’t miss one last opportunity to use his favorite prop: the blackboard.

3. Another ‘Real Housewife’ Song?

Because you can never have too many Real Housewives songs, LuAnn De Lesseps, better known as the Countess, released her latest video featuring cameos from her fellow Bravo stars.

2. Chris Wallace Calls Michele Bachmann a Flake

Serious contender or ditz? Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace created quite a stir this week when he called out Bachmann. At least he didn’t compare her to a serial killer?

1. Halperin’s Choice Words for Obama

Well, so much for the seven-second delay. On Thursday’s Morning Joe, Time magazine’s Mark Halperin let everyone know how he felt about President Obama. Let’s just say it nearly cost him his job.