Wendi Deng Defends Rupert Murdoch from Pie Attacker (VIDEO)

As if verbal fireworks weren't enough, Rupert Murdoch was apparently attacked at Tuesday’s hearing by a man reportedly wielding shaving cream or a pie. Note the rapid defense of Mr. Murdoch by his wife Wendi Deng. Watch below.

07.19.11 4:22 PM ET

Rupert and James Murdoch’s testimony before Parliament was halted Tuesday after a man in the audience assaulted Rupert with a foam pie. The man—he has not been officially identified, although an activist going by Jonnie Marbles has claimed responsibility on Twitter—calmly walked up the aisle and planted the pie in Murdoch’s face. Murdoch’s wife, Wendi, who was sitting behind him in the front row, then stood up and clocked the assailant. He has since been arrested.