9 Biggest Irene Overreactions

While Hurricane Irene wrought her share of damage along the East Coast, she ultimately proved far tamer than the near-Armageddon many predicted. From governors screaming “Get the hell out” to a reporter soaked in sewage, watch video of the most over-the-top moments of storm hysteria.

08.28.11 10:21 PM ET

Christie: Stop Tanning and Get Out

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie does not mince words. Before the storm hit on Friday, he kept his message about the hurricane to the point: "Get the hell off the beach." Tans will have to wait until after the “end of the world.”

Reporting Live in Hurricane Sewage

There’s dedication, and there’s hysteria. Tucker Barnes, a reporter for Fox affiliate WTTG, may call it “organic matter,” but we’re pretty sure the foam that’s drenching him in this Saturday report from Ocean City is a mix of raw sewage and ocean water. No wonder it doesn't smell great.

Bloomberg: Gnarly Waves … and Danger

Hang 10? How about not. Mayor Bloomberg warned surfers looking to catch big waves caused by the storm’s surge Saturday: no, you won’t be rescued.

Hurricane Irene’s a Howler!

MSNBC’s Peter Alexander braved the winds to report from Coney Island Sunday. We’ll take Alexander’s word that the storm was really bad 20 minutes ago (we just missed it!)—but at least we get a vivid description of the eerie howling and metal banging he can hear. The anchor thinks that this shot is “almost like it’s something out of a horror story.” Or perhaps just a deserted amusement park during a bad storm?

Obama’s Historic Hype

Nothing says natural disaster like cutting short your vacation and giving an emergency press conference. That’s exactly what President Obama did on Friday. Given the disaster of Hurricane Katrina, it’s hard to blame Obama for scaring those on the East Coast into staying inside and away from the coasts. But historic storm? We’re still waiting.

Maryland Governor to CNN Reporter: Get the Hell Out!

In this dramatic news report during The Situation Room Saturday, Chris Lawrence’s voice was muffled because of high winds along the Maryland shore—but viewers got a firsthand account of how serious Maryland’s state of emergency was: Gov. Martin O’Malley, appearing immediately after Lawrence’s segment, told Wolf Blitzer to tell his correspondent to “get the hell out" of the water.

Christie: Stay Inside!

Now that the storm has passed through New Jersey, is it safe to go back to the beach and finish tanning? A very stern Gov. Chris Christie told This Week’s Jake Tapper that people shouldn’t let their guard down. His message: as long as the eye of the hurricane is still in the state, stay inside! Watch as Christie tells us a horror story of a woman who got out of her car … and was swept away.

Flashers Undermine the Weather Channel

This Weather Channel correspondent braved a torrential downpour and dangerous winds to report live from Virginia Beach on Saturday. Unfortunately, his apocalyptic stand-up was interrupted by cars and pedestrians cutting past the camera. Clearly conditions weren’t that bad. Watch as the reporter gets increasingly frustrated as those around him not only ignore weather warnings, but flash some skin.

FEMA: Bad Stuff May Happen

As the storm landed in New York City and the East Coast, FEMA Director Craig Fugate made the rounds on the Sunday talk-show circuit. Fugate went over the dangers of a major storm hitting a major city. He stressed that while there haven’t been reports of damage to high-rise buildings, there is always the possibility of catastrophe. Watch as Fox News’s Chris Wallace attempts to get a rise out of Fugate but is instead met with canned responses.