The Week’s Best Reads

From our coming economic doom to Jon Stewart’s subtle transformation from comic to political activist, The Daily Beast picks the best journalism from around the web this week.

09.24.11 12:13 AM ET

John B. Judis, The New Republic

Our economic nightmare is just beginning.

Jon Stewart and the Burden of History
Tom Junod, Esquire

He's not so funny anymore, and it's not only because he's come to take himself seriously. It's because in the Obama era, we're starting to see the price of refusing to stand for anything.

The Surreal Ruins of Qaddafi’s Never-Never Land
Robert F. Worth, New York Times Magazine

Among the dead and the smoldering earth, Libyans struggle to escape their country’s twisted history.

Dubya and Me
Walt Harrington, The American Scholar

Over the course of a quarter century, a journalist witnessed the transformation of George W. Bush.

Which One of You Is Jesus?
Jenni Diski, London Review of Books

In 1959, a social psychologist received a research grant to bring together three psychotic, institutionalized patients. What would happen, he wondered, if he made three men meet and live closely side by side over a period of time, each of whom believed himself to be the one and only Jesus Christ?

Bill O’Reilly’s Civil War
Peter Boyer, Newsweek

The Fox News host thinks America is in dire straits—and what it needs is a history lesson. In this week's Newsweek, he tells Peter J. Boyer about his new book and why he likes Obama.