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Top 20 College Sex-Ed Programs

The Daily Beast and Sperling’s rank the colleges with the best sexual health programs.

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Sex education has never been a black-and-white issue, especially on college campuses. But the statistics are impossible to ignore—as many as 25% of college students have or have had a sexually transmitted disease, and people ages 15 to 24 contract nearly half of all new STDs.

To highlight the need for sexual health resources, as well as to recognize the campuses that excel at providing students extensive and convenient sexual health services, Trojan and Sperling’s Best Places annually releases the most comprehensive evaluation of campus sexual health services. This year, the company provided The Daily Beast with an exclusive preview of the data for the top 20 campuses.

To compile its list, Sperling’s reached out to the student health centers and administrators at approximately 200 of the nation’s largest and most iconic undergraduate institutions and asked them to evaluate their programs based on a dozen measures of convenience, scope, and quality, rating each from one to ten. “Students use the rankings as a tool and a catalyst to bring about changes,” says Bert Sperling, the editor of the list. “They are talking to their administrators, writing letters to the editors of their college papers.”

To see which colleges landed atop the ranks this year, click here.

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