The Week's Best Reads

From the inside story of a previously unreported Ponzi scheme to the secretive company behind China’s economic exploitation of Africa, The Daily Beast picks the best journalism from around the Web this week.

10.29.11 2:00 PM ET

The Turnaround Men
Mariah Blake, The New Republic

A charismatic entrepreneur, an ex-con turned devout Christian, and the politicians who championed them.

African Safari
Laura Rena Murray, Beth Morrissey, Himanshu Ojha, and Patrick Martin-Menard, Caixin Online

The mysterious brokers behind China’s large-scale economic exploitation of Africa.

How Ready Are We for Bioterrorism?
Wil S. Hylton, New York Times Magazine

Ten years after anthrax attacks, biodefense is busted.

The nation’s largest banks are methodically harvesting the last possible pound of flesh from millions of homeowners. We should put a stop to it.

The Best Little Whore in Texas
Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone

Rick Perry has one driving passion: selling off government to the highest bidder.

You Say You Want a Revolution
Andrew Sullivan, Newsweek

Andrew Sullivan on how he learned to love the “goddam hippies”—and why their protests aren’t going to end.