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Niall Ferguson: It’s the Stupid Economy

In our new video series, ‘Op-Vid: Campaign 2012,’ writers, thinkers, and doers tackle issues at the heart of the presidential campaign. In the first opinion video, Niall Ferguson takes on the economy.

11.01.11 12:44 AM ET

Today we launch our new video series, “Op-Vid: Campaign 2012.” What is an Op-Vid? Opinion, without the pundits yelling. Handmade animation, without the caricatures. Essays, without the text. Complex topics, without the boring.

Op-Video is a new platform that features writers, thinkers, and doers who might otherwise contribute to an opinion page. In this series, we tackle the issues at the heart of the 2012 campaign.

The concept of the Op-Vid was created by Joe Posner, an interdisciplinary artist working at the nexus of documentary filmmaking, music, and animation.

“Leading up to each next election, few candidates trust that we’re smart enough to get the complex issues that affect the United States as a whole, most often playing their usual roles in fake fights for the TV cameras instead of hunkering down on some of the more ‘boring’ but very real polyphony of national crises.

“Op-Vid is a humble attempt to offer a new kind of soapbox for opinion essays that doesn’t make the same assumption. You may not agree with everybody you see—I know I won’t—but you can always expect a fresh, smart, and dependable take on the big issues facing our country.”

—Joe Posner (Creator/Director, Op-Video)

An Op-Video Featuring Niall Ferguson
Director: Joe Posner
Producers: Ian McAlpin & Joe Posner

Director of Photography: Ian McAlpin
Camera Operator & Gaffer: Geoffrey T. Womack
Assistant Director: Julia Simpson
Sound Recordist: Richard Levengood
Production Assistant: Maxwell Dunfey

Animation: Joe Posner
Additional Animation: Janelle Sing, Emily Roberts, Seon Bae, Nahuel Salcedo

Music: Kelly Pratt (Beirut, Arcade Fire, Bright Moments) with Jon Natchez (Beirut, Yellow Ostrich), Joe Posner
Sound Mix: Sam Posner (Sammy Bananas, Telephoned)
Sound Design: Laura Vitale

Daily Beast TV
Vice President, Video: Kathy O’Hearn
Executive Producer: Susie Banikarim