Michele Bachmann Fails to Score in GOP Debate

The Minnesota congresswoman once again failed to break through in the GOP debate. Lois Romano on why she’s running out of time. Plus, more Daily Beast columnists weigh in on the debate.

11.10.11 3:40 AM ET

Michele Bachmann did little tonight to resurrect her drifting campaign, delivering a passable performance with the same tired sound bites.  And she’s running out of time.

She recycled her new favorite attack line, accusing President Obama of taking direction from “Gen. Axelrod in Chicago,” referring to political adviser David Axelrod. Someone should tell the congresswoman that most Americans have no idea what she’s talking about.

Although she has been stepping up her attacks on her opponents in recent days, Bachmann inexplicably continues to go after President Obama at these events, instead of trying to distinguish herself from her competitors. Apropos of nothing, in the middle of this debate on the economy, she called for a fence to be erected on the southern border to keep out immigrants.

She promoted her plan to have all Americans pay some federal taxes. But to make her point, she offered an odd example that the bloggers were having a field day with. “Even if it means paying the price of two Happy Meals a year, $10, everyone can afford to pay at least that,” she said.

As the only woman in the race, she was well-positioned to carry water for the others in dealing with the sexual-harassment accusations Herman Cain faces. But she wasn’t given the opportunity. Chances are she would have dodged it as she had earlier in the day. “I don’t have any information on these allegations whatsoever,” she said. “I have absolutely nothing to contribute to that discussion.”