Hundreds Swarm Protests on Wall Street, Many Arrested

Occupy Wall Street swarmed the New York Stock Exchange Thursday morning—as police arrested at least 50. Brian Ries collects photos from the scene.

11.17.11 2:56 PM ET

Protesters Struggle to Reach Stock Exchange, Dozens Arrested

Occupy Wall Street’s big day of action is off to a dramatic start, with around 50 protesters already arrested as they tried to shut down the New York Stock Exchange. Protesters clashed with police, who had set up barricades around the exchange, and trading began on time at 9:30 a.m. The throngs of protesters and the metal barricades set up by police brought traffic in the area to a standstill. The protest comes exactly two months after the activists first occupied Zuccotti Park and two days after they were evicted by police. After congregating around the exchange, protesters plan to block several major transportation hubs and then proceed to Zuccotti park.