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Romney’s Foot in Mouth, Bueller’s New Day Off, and More Viral Videos

From Matthew Broderick’s Bueller revival, to Jimmy Fallon embracing his feminine side and Mitt Romney’s ‘poor’ choice of words, see our countdown of the week’s buzziest videos.

02.04.12 9:45 AM ET

Lebron Gets Some Air

In a game against the Bulls Sunday afternoon, LeBron James jumped over 5’11” point guard John Lucas, in what will inevitably be a poster-worthy dunk.

When Madonna Nearly Wrecked Her Career

Before she was ‘her Madgesty,’ as Jacob Bernstein writes in Newsweek magazine, Madonna was rolling around on the floor in a wedding dress at the MTV music awards. So why did her manager tell her the now-famous performance ruined her career?

Romney: Lead, Follow, Or Get Out of the Way

Call it a victory lap. After coming out the clear winner in the Florida primary, Mitt Romney gave his opponents a break and instead invoked Thomas Paine in his speech to go after Obama.

Jon Stewart’s ‘Very Poor’ vs. ‘Very Rich’

Maybe Mitt Romney could use a safety net for insensitive remarks? Jon Stewart enlisted the help of the classes in the form of John Oliver and Jason Jones to see how the two groups are faring in light of Romney’s latest comment.

Obama Turns to God

President Obama emphasizes his reliance on faith when trying to solve the country’s problems—including the economy.

Trump Bets on Romney

Las Vegas is known as the gambling capital of the world and today Donald Trump put all of his chips on the table. Watch Trump raise the stakes as he endorses Mitt Romney for president.

Why Komen Loses to Planned Parenthood

The reaction to Michelle Goldberg’s report on the Susan G. Komen foundation revoking support for Planned Parenthood has been a strong one. Here Goldberg responds, and explains why Komen may suffer the most damage of the two organizations.

Bueller’s Latest Day Off

Life moves pretty fast and as seen on the Daily Beast’s Cheat Sheet, Ferris Bueller is back. Matthew Broderick relives his legendary character for this pre-released Super Bowl commercial.

Real Housewives Get a Late Night Makeover

For some reason that lady looks a lot like Jimmy Fallon. The Super Bowl spectacle just took a twist. Take a close look—these ‘Real Housewives’ are strangely familiar.

Romney: ‘I’m not Concerned About the Very Poor’

Open mouth, insert foot: Mitt Romney’s latest gaffe came courtesy of a bungled attempt to connect with the middle class by saying the poor have a safety net.