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Adele Sweeps, Michelle Obama Does the Robot, and Whitney’s Last Days

From Adele’s big Grammys win, to Michelle Obama’s dance moves, and Whitney Houston’s final days, see our countdown of the week’s buzziest videos.

10. Ellen Thanks Bill O’Reilly for the Defense

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Here’s an unlikely alliance. As if to prove she’s nicer than anyone’s expectations, Ellen DeGeneres thanked the O’Reilly Factor after the Fox News host called a conservative groups attack on her J.C. Penney deal “a witch hunt.”

9. Domo Arigato First Lady Roboto

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Daring a new Internet meme, Michelle Obama laid down dance moves to kick off her Let’s Move anti-obesity campaign in Des Moines, Iowa.

8. Joan Rivers & Cher’s Former Manager: It’s ‘My Time’

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Billy Sammeth, former manager of Joan Rivers and Cher, revealed why his relationship soured with the stars in a story by Newsweek & The Daily Beast’s Kevin Sessums. Watch the controversial manager respond to commenters—and he’s not afraid to name names.

7. Is Santorum the 99 Percent?

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Heck no they won’t go: Rick Santorum was shouted down by Occupy protesters while speaking to opponents of Washington State’s new gay-marriage legislation.

6. Linsanity Meets Its Breaking Point

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Getting annoyed with the word ‘Lin’ prefacing every word in the English language? You’re not alone. The Daily Show’s Larry Wilmore took on the hysteria that’s driving him linsane.

5. Rombo: Romney’s Attacks Will Backfire

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In Santorum’s new ad, a Romney lookalike chases a cardboard Santorum with a mud gun only to end up shooting himself. Look out, Stallone?

4. Fallon and Colbert’s ‘Six-Month Eternal Feud’

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What happens when you mix Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, and a giant 100-gallon vat of ice cream? The latest installment in the duo’s ongoing faux feud, complete with not one but two surprise guests.

3. Whitney Houston’s Final Days

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What was Whitney Houston like in the days before her death? By all accounts, the musical legend appeared to be in good spirits. Watch her last public performance at a pre-Grammy party just three days ago.

2. Adele Wins Big

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“Gold is good!” she screamed to the audience. Adele went home with more Grammys than she could carry, including the award for Album of the Year.

1. Fitting Tribute to a Diva, by a Diva

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In what was easily the highlight of the Grammys, Jennifer Hudson expertly evoked a delicate balance between joy and sorrow in her chill-inducing rendition of  “I Will Always Love You,” the Dolly Parton song Whitney Houston made unforgettable.