Comedians Take on the Republican Opposition to Women’s Reproductive Rights

Confused about the contraception issue? Funny or Die is here with a viral video to lead you through the reproductive-health debate.

02.28.12 10:07 PM ET

It’s the parody you’ve been waiting for of all those stiff white-male officeholders debating the fate of American womens’ reproductive health.

“Oral contraception is bad,” says Brian Flaherty “Why? Because I don’t understand how it works and science scares me!”

The Funny or Die family assembled a crew of comedians including Flaherty, Tim Meadows, and Corey Stoll to impersonate Republican obstructionists on the contraception issue.

It’s worth watching if only to hear these funnymen awkwardly rattle off the names of female reproductive organs and the uncouth slang for them.

“What qualifies me to be an expert on womens’ reproductive health? I’m a 59-year-old man,” says Ray Wise with all the creepy suaveness he poured into the role of psycho killer Leland Palmer in David Lynch's groundbreaking TV series Twin Peaks.

The premise certainly takes a shingle from Steven Colbert. Now that much of the anger has subsided, perhaps a humorous tack might lead to more thoughtfulness from those who want to limit women from choosing what’s best for their own bodies.