‘Sue You!’

The New Poems of Sarah Palin

There is comedic verse hidden inside the newly released Palin emails. Michael Solomon, author of I Hope Like Heck, unearths more poems by the Belle of Wasilla.

02.28.12 9:45 AM ET

On Feb. 23, the state of Alaska released more than 17,000 emails from former governor Sarah Palin’s final months in office. As in her previous cache of correspondence, the emails contain new comedic verse by the Belle of Wasilla worthy of the poems in her 2011 collection published by Byliner Originals, I Hope Like Heck.

Are You Flippin Kidding???

Oh GOD help us.
Are you flippin kidding???
Todd doesn’t have $12 million
That’s something else,
I don’t know what it stands for
Put this is a statement,
Others have asked about my opinion
On this latest:
But I hadn’t seen it
So didn’t know it was this

Marital Problems

Speaking of…
If we,
When we
Get a divorce,
Does that quell
The ‘conflict of interest’ accusation
With BP?

Enquiring Minds

Stupidly ridiculous.
They just ran a story last week
“See, we were right!
Bristol does drugs
Via Sherry Johnston”
Or some stupid thing
That the kids saw
On the cover
While shopping
At WalMart.

A Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy

I know.
And I just told someone:
We’re not paranoid
They really are after us!

Today I Am Wearing

This would be hilarious
If it wasn’t so expensive
For the state to process these accusations
And for me to defend
Against the bogus harassments.
I wore Arctic Cat snowgear
At a snowmachine event,
Because it was cold outside,
And by the way
Today I am wearing Alaska’s own Paige Adams’ jeans
And Alaska’s Romney Dodd-Ortland hand-painted clogs.
When will I see the ethics charge
For wearing these?

Sue You!

My sisters
Should sue
Their tabloid ass.


KTVA did a story tonight
“Levi Johnston said he
And Bristol
Practice safe sex,
Most of the time”.
When has a teen’s sex life
Been reported on
In the news?
Have I heard a celebrity,
A criminal,
Sex life
Reported as a
News story.
Is insane.