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Is Romney the Weakest Inevitable Nominee Ever?

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and his wife Ann attends a Super Tuesday Republican primary elections evening in Boston, Massaschusetts, March 6, 2012. (Emmaneul Dunnand / Getty Images)

Today we asked, "Is Romney's nomination still inevitable?"

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However the results so far suggest most people think Romney will be the nominee, though many think it won't matter as Obama's strength will carry the day:

Yes. 58%

No. 17%

Who Cares? 15%

It's inevitable that he will not win the election. 9%

If Romney's inevitability is not in doubt, then for some of our readers, neither is Obama's:

Will F. yes he's inevitable, and it's going to be terrible. when he loses the general we'll get four more years of the knuckle-draggers moaing about how if 'they'd just nominated a "real" conservative...'

Jason R. Obama is inevitable.

A few thought that the question depended on how Newt Gingrich performs:

Suzanne C. If Newt stays in, yes. If he drops out, the Not Romney wins.

Dan L. It probably is inevitable that Romney wins the nomination--the one route to losing is Gingrich dropping out, and I suspect Gingrich has incentives aligned to stay in and help Romney secure the nomination, either implicitly (it strokes his ego, it makes him more lucrative as a "historian") or explicitly (insert pro-Romney conspiracy here).

Another believed that Republicans may be starting to give up on hopes of a candidate they completely agree with, and settle on one who is simple had the best chance of winning as a Republican:

Carney: My father's a traditional, Latin Mass Catholic who agrees with Santorum on all the issues but supports Romney solely for electability.