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Poll Question: Ron Paul Declines Secret Service Protection. Gimmick or Insight?

03.21.12 5:00 PM ET

Speaking on Jay Leno Tuesday night, Ron Paul explained why he declined Secret Service protection:

"It's a form of welfare. You're having the taxpayers pay to take care of somebody and I'm an ordinary citizen and I would think I should pay for my own protection and it costs, I think, more than $50,000 a day to protect those individuals. It's a lot of money."

According to Politico:

The Secret Service is authorized by law to protect “major presidential and vice presidential candidates and their spouses within 120 days of a general presidential election.”

Although Secret Service protection was provided to Herman Cain following his surge in the polls, it is still optional at this stage of the primaries.

Perhaps Ron Paul is living his philosophy as a man of the people crusading against government spending. Or perhaps his remarks serve to gloss over his stagnant electoral appeal.

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