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Poll Results: Ron Paul Has No Secret Service Protection Because He Can't Win

03.21.12 10:25 PM ET

Today we asked whether Ron Paul deriding Secret Service protection as "welfare" was gimmicky or insightful. Here are the results:

Gimmick: 48%
Insight: 36%
In true libertarian fashion: 8%
He's still running?: 8%

Some respondents were concerned about the implications of Ron Paul's remarks and wondered if President Paul would forego Secret Service protection as well:

Jeremy M. Is he suggesting that we should only have a President who is so bland as to never offend even the craziest element of our society, or that anyone who gets elected President and can't afford to pay for his own protection deserves what he gets? 

Others were convinced that Paul could only get away with comments like this because he has no chance of winning:

saladdin. Sorry, but if he had a real shot, he'd have taken secret service protection. Wondering if Mitt offers Rand the VP slot if Rand will turn down secret service protection and pay for it himself. Methinks not.