Health-Care Reform's Supreme Court Showdown

10 Best Commentaries After Supreme Court Health-Care Arguments

A lot of people are spilling a lot of words on the three days of arguments at the Supreme Court over the health-care law. The Daily Beast pulls together some of the best commentary.

03.29.12 8:30 PM ET

After three days of oral arguments before the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, there will now be months of suspense and agonizing over whether this signature provision of the Obama administration will survive. In the meantime, The Daily Beast gathers some of the best commentary on the arguments and the look ahead from across the political spectrum.

‘Obamacare's Day in Court: Good for Single Payer?’

Adam Serwer, Mother Jones
March 29, 2012

‘Judicial Activists in the Supreme Court’

E.J. Dionne, The Washington Post
March 29, 2012

‘The Supreme Court: Conservatism’s Intellectual Crown Jewel’

Peter Wehner, Commentary Magazine
March 28, 2012

‘In Defense of Don Verrilli’

Simon Lazarus, The New Republic
March 29, 2012

‘A Moment of Silence for Obamacare’

Dahlia Lithwick, Slate
March 28, 2012

‘Parties Brace for Fallout in Court’s Ruling on Health Care’

Jeff Zeleny, The New York Times
March 29, 2012

‘6–3 to Uphold’

Noah Millman, The American Conservative
March 27, 2012

‘The ObamaCare Reckoning’

The Wall Street Journal
March 29, 2012

‘Did Liberals Screw Obamacare?’

Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast
March 29, 2012