How Surreal

A Picasso from 2012?

The Daily Pic: The Spaniard's 80-year-old drawing looks like it's by a Brooklyn hipster

04.09.12 7:32 PM ET

This Picasso drawing, called “Two Figures on a Beach,” is from 1933 – but looks like it could have come out of a Bushwick studio yesterday. (Like Friday’s Daily Pic by Bruce Nauman, it’s from the “Exquisite Corpses” show at MoMA.) The drawing has the doodle-ish, ball-point-pen surrealism that is everywhere lately. You want to resist Picasso, just because of all his success. And then he pulls out a new trick that wins you over. Even a genius  as protean as Nauman can start to look one-note compared to old Pablo.

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