Minute by Minute

May Day Live-Blog for Occupy Wall Street's General Strike

Occupy Wall Street is planning demonstrations around the country on Tuesday, May 1. Follow our live blog with reports from the street.

05.01.12 9:45 PM ET

Occupy Wall Street, thought by many to have gone into hibernation for the winter, is planning a massive series of demonstrations in New York on Tuesday, May 1. They're calling it “May Day.” 

To bring you a real-time look at the resurgence of the movement, The Daily Beast will be live-blogging the action, collecting tweets from our reporters—Harry Siegel and Matthew DeLuca—out in the field, and reports from around the Web.

Stay with this page for a real-time feed of the action. Or follow our May Day Twitter list, with tweets from a mix of journalists and occupiers expected to be tracking the events of Occupy's general strike.