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Beverly Hills High Blows Up (Video)

In a drastic bid to stop the construction of an underground subway tunnel, the school district’s PTA released an apocalyptic video that shows the school going up in flames. Watch it here.

05.07.12 9:04 PM ET

Fire bombs, booming explosions, and Los Angeles: it’€™s not the latest Hollywood blockbuster but instead a video released by parents against the construction of a subway under Beverly Hills High School. After the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority approved plans to build a subway tunnel under Beverly High, the school district’s parent-teacher council released this video to warn of the potential dangers—€”and, boy, are they worried! Featuring a fake explosion in a crowded courtyard and experts discussing environmental hazards, the video cautions that the dangerous combination of toxic chemicals and teenagers €œis on the verge of exploding at Beverly High, turning the school into a mega-disaster.€ Watch the doomsday PSA below.