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Daily Caller Reporter, Wilson’s ‘You Lie!’ & More Obama Hecklers (VIDEO)

How does the Daily Caller reporter who interrupted the president’s immigration announcement Friday stack up against Rep. Joe ‘You Lie!’ Wilson and the ‘rude’ lady in Ohio? Jake Heller takes stock.

06.15.12 10:02 PM ET

…Because the best way to get your point across is to interrupt the president while he’s speaking.

Caller Today, Heckler Tomorrow

“It’s the right thing to do.” That’s how the president defended his new immigration policy—which will allow some young immigrants who entered the United States illegally to avoid deportation and, in some cases, obtain work permits—after being heckled during his announcement in the White House’s Rose Garden. “Why do you favor foreigners over Americans?” Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro called out, according to Politico’s transcript. “Excuse me, sir,” Obama responded, “but it’s not time for questions.” Tucker Carlson, who edits The Daily Caller, later defended Munro’s behavior. “This is what reporters are supposed to do,” Carlson said.

Gas Prices to Increase With Volume of Your Voice

There’s nothing like a presidential scolding. At Ohio State University earlier this year, President Obama was interrupted while trying to talk about rising gas prices. “You can hold your own rally,” the president told the heckler. “You’re being rude.” Now go take a time out in your dorm room.

‘Jesus Christ Is God!’

In September 2011, a patron at L.A.’s House of Blues decided to loudly inform Obama that “Jesus Christ is God! Jesus Christ is God!” The president smiled confusedly, then mumbled “I agree” before the man was escorted out of the building. Oh, and then the heckler called Obama “the antichrist.” Nice.

‘You Lie!’

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) yelled “you lie!” during the president’s key health-care address to Congress in 2009. Obama was assuring the joint session that his health-care plan would not apply to illegal immigrants. Oh, the irony.

‘Jesus Loves All Babies’

Obama was interrupted while trying to stump for Massachusetts Senate hopeful Martha Coakley. A man yelled out about abortion while brandishing a sign that read “Jesus loves all babies.” Thank you for bringing that to our attention. (Coakley lost the January 2010 election to Scott Brown.)

Don’t Ask, Just Yell

At a campaign fundraiser for California Sen. Barbara Boxer in April 2010, a young man wondered aloud when the president was going to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Answer: that December. In your face, heckler.