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Best of Sunday Talk: Mitt Romney, John McCain & More (Video)

Karl Rove says Obama’s new immigration policy is on ‘shaky ground,’ Romney doesn’t care what the Supremes have to say about health-care reform, and more in our Sunday Talk roundup.

06.17.12 9:34 PM ET

Mitt Romney: Never Mind the Supreme Court

Mitt Romney sat down with a jeans-wearing Bob Schieffer this Sunday on Face the Nation to talk about immigration and Obamacare. On immigration: “This is something Congress has been working on,” Romney said. (And your definition of “working on” is...) On Obamacare: “Regardless of [the Supreme Court’s] decision, we’re going to stop Obamacare in its tracks.” All this prompted The Daily Beast’s David Frum to tweet: “I’m beginning to seriously worry that Mitt Romney might believe the things he is saying to Bob Schieffer.” Snap.

John McCain: Obama’s ‘Shameful’ Syria Strategy

John McCain smirked as David Gregory asked him about Syria on Meet the Press. McCain was ready for this one. “This president doesn’t believe in American leadership,” the Arizona senator said. “When’s the last time the president spoke out and said: these people deserve our moral support?” McCain went on to advocate arming the rebels, saying “we need to make this a fair fight.” And one more thing: “This president doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism.” Because that’s relevant.

David Plouffe: Stay Away From Romney’s ‘Recipe’

David Plouffe made the rounds this Sunday, appearing not only on Meet the Press, but on This Week, State of the Union and Fox News Sunday too. Obama’s former campaign manager stressed that Mitt Romney “is not just a safe alternative...His recipe is not going to work,” Plouffe said. Shepard Fairey, please get to work on a poster of Mitt Romney in a chef’s hat. Thank you.

Rick Santorum: The President Shouldn’t Change the Law

Dust off your old Johnny Cash albums. According to former primary foe Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney is “trying to walk the line” when it comes to immigration reform. “He’s trying not to sound like he’s hostile to Latinos in very important states, but at the same time you need to hammer the president on this now habitual abuse of power.” The job of the president, Santorum went on to say, is “to faithfully execute” the laws of the land, not to change them.

Tim Pawlenty: Obama’s ‘Shrinking Presidency’

First of all, This Week used “Call Me Maybe” as bumper music. Not sure what demo you’re going after ABC, but in no world do Carly Rae Jepsen and drone strikes work together. Second, Tim Pawlenty called Obama’s administration a “shrinking presidency.” “The president is out of ideas, he’s out of time, and he should be out of office,” said Pawlenty.

Karl Rove: Obama ‘On Very Shaky Grounds’

President Obama is “on very shaky grounds,” Karl Rove told a panel on Fox News Sunday. The president’s new policy to deal with what host Chris Wallace called “illegals” oversteps his authority, Rove said. Still, the architect of George W. Bush’s own attempts at immigration reforms called the new executive order a “relatively narrow and compassionate policy.”

Jose Antonio Vargas: Immigration Reform ‘Shouldn’t Be About Politics’

Jose Antonio Vargas, an undocumented immigrant whose story “We are Americans—Just Not Legally” landed on the cover of Time magazine this week, spoke to Reliable Sources host Howard Kurtz about Obama’s immigration reform. “This shouldn’t be about politics,” Vargas said. “This should be about doing the right thing.” Vargas added that his goal in speaking out as an undocumented immigrant is to show people that “we are not who you think we are.”