Lady Die

Lady Gaga's New Song About Lady Diana

It's not exactly 'Candle in the Wind'...

06.28.12 4:30 PM ET

Lady Gaga has debuted a new song entitled Lady Die at her latest Melbourne Gig. Judging from this YouTube clip, its unlikely to trouble the upper reaches of the charts. 

The end of the song, whose chorus is "Princess Die, I want to see her cry", is inspired by Diana's tragic death in Paris in 1997:

And wish that I would go
In my rich boyfriend’s limo,
Right after he proposed
With a 16-carat stone wrapped in rose gold
With the papparazzi all swarming ’round
In my Louis Vuitton white button-down
Oh, it’s not that deep
So bob head your head for another dead blonde
Whose real prince is in heaven
She just wants to sleep