‘Dark Knight’ Colorado Theater Shooting: Witness Accounts (VIDEO)

What really happened in the theater when a gunman opened fire on a screening of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’? Watch riveting accounts from witnesses to the Colorado shooting, which killed 12.

07.20.12 3:41 PM ET

‘Shooter Pointed Gun at Me’

Jennifer Seeger was in the theater during the Colorado shooting and narrowly avoided being hit. In a phone interview on Today, she says she felt the heat from bullets fired nearby as she hid under seats in the theater.

‘People Unconscious, People Bleeding’

A witness who purchased tickets for the late-night screening says there were gunshots “all over the place” in the theater where she was to have watched the movie. She then gives an account of the aftermath at the hospital, where she saw a man with blood caked on his face.

‘It’s Probably Just Really Good Special Effects’

Quentin Caldwell and his wife were in Theater 8, next door to Theater 9, where the shooting took place. In the middle of a chase scene, with bullets flying across the screen, Caldwell says he “just heard a really distinct ‘pop pop pop’” come “out of nowhere.” He thought it was special effects. “Suddenly,” he says, “we noticed somebody saying ‘somebody’s shooting up the theater! Somebody’s been shot!’”

‘Oh, Jesus’

Immediately after fleeing the theater, Quentin shot this video on his phone.

‘That’s Way Too F**king Loud to Be Part of the Movie’

…And when he got home, he interviewed his wife about it.

Scenes from the Shooting

Cell-phone footage taken in the immediate aftermath of the attack shows chaos at the suburban Denver theater. A woman weeps in the background as patrons run out of the building.