Party Prince Retires?


Prince Harry: I'm Too Old To Go Out Anymore. Really Your Highness?!

Is Harry Partied-Out?
Prince Harry (C) is accompanied by US Senator John McCain (R) as he tours an exhibit on landmines and unexploded ordnances in the Rotunda of Russell Senate Office Building in Washington, DC, (JEWEL SAMAD / AFP / Getty Images)

Just two weeks ago Prince Harry was out till 4am, snogging his new bird Cressida Bonas, and then this weekend he was at the Womad festival of World Music.

Hardly the lifestyle of a stay-at-home prince, we are sure you will agree, but now, Harry is starting to show the first signs of over-partied clubber sydrome, telling a Canadian athlete today that he is ‘too old’ to go out anymore.

Was it Elvis Costello who sang, “You haven’t earned the weariness that sounds so jaded on your tongue?”
Prince Harry was at Canada’s Olympic House, wearing a crisp blue blazer and blue dress shirt with an Olympic pin on the lapel when he made the comments today.

He was greeted  by Canadian rower Malcolm Howard, a member of the silver-medal winning men's eight.

The prince chatted with a few athletes and family members before conversing with Canadian slalom kayaker Michael Tayler.

They talked about Tayler's experience at the Games so far before the Canadian capped the conversation by asking the prince where the best place was in London to go out.

"I don't go out anymore, I'm too old, I'm too old," Harry said with a weary smile.

Bad news for Usain Bolt, who is reportedly looking forward to a post-Olympics party with Harry, if he wins another 100m medal.