Surfers, Seals and Survivors: Top 9 Shark Attacks (Video)

Will you be needing a bigger boat? It’s that time of the year: Shark Week, the Discovery Channel’s most tantalizing hours of television. From surfers who somehow survived to robotic seals who weren’t so lucky, Anna Klassen compiles the most cringe-worthy clips to get you ready for your annual week of nightmares.

08.12.12 8:45 AM ET

Remembering an Attack
In an extraordinarily rare circumstance, a shark attack that happened more than a decade ago was caught on camera. The young girl who was attacked talks about the day she can’t ever forget, and shares the horrific footage.



Surfing to Survive
Coming face-to-face with an overzealous tiger shark, this surfer brawls with his unexpected attacker.



Colossus Comes for Dinner
To capture a slow-motion shark attack on camera, and from the victim’s point of few, Discovery Channel created a “robo-seal” equipped with hidden cameras and dropped the bait into the deep blue.



Childhood Holiday Gone Wrong
In 1957, this woman suffered a vicious shark attack that she survived, even though her left arm was severed. In this interview, she recalls the fateful day.



18-foot Shark Finds Snack
It’s this shark’s lucky day when he finds an untouched whale corpse ready to be devoured.



A Kiss With Jaws
A shark-science educator gets a tooth-filled surprise when his usual routine goes terribly wrong.



Expert Is Exposed
When trying to capture footage of bull sharks swimming in shallow water, it’s best to wear ankle-length pants.



Survivor Seeks Vengeance
After his arm was severed during a horrific attack, one survivor seeks to kill every shark he can find.



Blame the Dog
Discovery Channel’s MythBusters test a theory fueled by multiple headlines. Do sharks attack people because their dogs are nearby?