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08.16.12 10:59 PM ET

Karlie Kloss Would Walk in Ryan Lochte's Fashion Show

And claims to be impressed by the Olympian’s fashion knowledge.

Last week, Ryan Lochte’s agent claimed that he had received at least one offer to create a clothing line. And if this comes to fruition, he’s already one step ahead of the game: the leggy 20-year-old model Karlie Kloss is in his court. After they appeared together in Vogue’s June Olympic-themed issue, the pair stayed friends. “It was in Miami, where we did the shoot, and we went out to dinner one night,” she told  “Even though I am 20 and already have a career, I realize it is important to have normal friends and I think he is the same way. He is just a normal guy. He was really interested in fashion, actually; he wants to have his own line. I was surprised by how in the know he was” And, when asked if she would help Lochte “out with his line when the time comes,” Kloss responded matter-of-factly: “Yeah, I will walk in his show for sure.”

At New York Fashion Week last year, Kloss told us she would walk for Kanye West’s show before it was even officially happening – and she pulled through. So we’ll take the girl at her word.