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"Harry's Security Team Acted Like A Bunch of Amateurs"

"Harry's Security Team Acted Like A Bunch of Amateurs"

08.23.12 1:27 PM ET

Fascinating new details are emerging on how the Prince Harry naked pics ended up being taken in the first place.

TMZ, which originally acquired the saucy snaps, says today in a blog entry that, "Harry's people dropped the ball."

The post goes on: "When the girls entered the room,  we're told the ladies were NOT asked to surrender their phones ...  an epic failure considering Harry's well-documented wild side. As the party fired up, several girls began to snap pics on their cell-phones ... and one of Harry's minders lackadaisically told the women, "Awww, come on .. no photos."

TMZ sources said Harry's minders were 'asleep at the wheel, enjoying the party more than protecting the Prince from himself...After more boozing, the clothes came off ... and more photos were taken, in plain view of the handlers, yet Harry's people did nothing.'

TMZ spoke with several people in the Las Vegas VIP scene who tell us they see situations like this every day and it could have been easily contained, but as one source put it, "Harry's team acted like a bunch of amateurs.