Conspiracy Theories

The Moon Landing Hoax

08.26.12 3:30 PM ET

The passing of the great Neil Armstrong, honor to his memory, reminds me of this classic piece of Internet flotsam, a satiric response to Holocaust deniers everywhere:

Until recently, I, too, believed in the traditional, establishment view of the moon. But any thinking person, untainted by the biases imposed on us by the controlled media, will have no choice but to reach the conclusion I did once faced with the facts described in this account.

Contents: 1. 12 Questions and Answers about The Moon

(Before we present our proof, we must, of necessity, examine the standard lies and logical games, repeated and rehashed ad nauseam by the Astronomically Correct establishment, and how they are used to silence opposition over the question of the moon)What evidence do we have that there really is a moon?

You can see it.

But don’t all qualified scientists and astronomers agree that there is a moon?

But who could or would perpetrate such a hoax?

What about that "moon landing" that took place in 1969, and all of the subsequent "moon landings", as well as pictures taken by satellites and telescopes?

But don’t the astronauts who claim to have walked on the moon count as eyewitnesses?

And what about the "moon rocks" that these astronauts brought back with them?

Hasn’t the moon been mentioned in texts and literature throughout history?

But what motive could someone have for falsifying the moon?

But the Moon was worshipped by the ancients, long before there was the technology to create such a hoax.

What about references to the moon in the Bible?

The tides of the oceans are created by the gravatational pull of the moon.

Okay, but I still find this all hard to believe. What evidence do you have that there is no moon?