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Jon Voight, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, & Best of Beast TV at Republican Convention

Mike Huckabee called on his ‘problem’ with women. Rudy Giuliani comments on whether Todd Akin should teach science. Jon Voight flares up. See the best moments from Beast TV at the Republican Convention.

08.31.12 2:50 AM ET

Jon Voight: Obama is ‘a Radical’

Tempers flared during our live broadcast Wednesday, when Daily Beast columnist Michelle Goldberg charged that Republicans had “fled the reality-based community.” Jon Voight shot back, calling Goldberg “shorty” and asking: “What are you talking about?!”

DNC Chair: Huckabee’s Got a ‘Real Problem’ With Women

After Mike Huckabee mocked Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s voice during his convention speech, the DNC chair returned the barb in full force during Beast TV's live roundtable. “He isn't familiar with the voice of a strong woman,” she said.

Huckabee Hits Back

After DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz told Beast TV that Huck “has a real problem when it comes to women,” the radio host shot back, saying, “You can't go getting your feelings hurt every time someone makes fun of you.”

Coulter: Obama’s a ‘Dirty Street Fighter’

Them's fightin' words. Ann Coulter didn't mince words on Beast TV's live roundtable from the Republican National Convention, crediting the president's campaign success on a “dirty' strategy. And, Mitt Romney's not dirty enough: he's 'Mr. Clean Mormon’ whose strongest drink is chocolate milk.”

Megyn Kelly: Mitt Shouldn’t Have to Prove He’s Human

Mitt Romney may not be the most relatable candidate, but that doesn't mean he “must prove he is alive and red-blooded,” Fox News' Megyn Kelly tells Howard Kurtz at the Republican National Convention. So what if he's modest?

Rudy Giuliani: Akin Shouldn’t Teach Biology

The former New York City mayor doesn't know what Todd Akin does for a living, but he knows one thing: the aspiring Missouri senator shouldn't teach science. Giuliani weighed in on the candidate's rape gaffe at Beast TV’s live roundtable from the Republican convention.

Meghan McCain to Geraldo: Back Off!

Mitt Romney, who? At Beast TV’s live roundtable from the Republican National Convention, Meghan McCain sparred with Fox News's Geraldo Rivera over her father's immigration record.

The McCains on the GOP Gender Gap

Sen. John McCain lambasted Todd Akin for his comments about “legitimate rape,” and Cindy McCain said Ann Romney “knocked [her speech] out of the park.”

Stop the Hyper-partisanship!

Matthew Segal of Our Time tells The Daily Beast's convention crew that young people are tired of the hyper-partisan rhetoric pervading politics today.