Ryan Lochte Confirms That He's Designing Fashion Line

Let's hope it's not "rock star slash like hip-hop."

08.30.12 11:11 PM ET

His fifteen minutes apparently aren't up yet.

In a video-mash-up of the most nonsensical interview moments from Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte, the swimmer divulged that if he had the chance, he would design a fashion line that was “rock star slash like hip-hop.”

But the moment we feared may be near: In an exclusive interview with Celebuzz, Lochte confirmed that he will indeed be designing a fashion line. Currently in talks with E! for his own reality TV show, Lochte said the show will “pretty much follow me of my normal day of just training and my new fashion line." Considering his spare time already consists of creating custom grills, self-indulgent sunglasses, and plenty of other goofy swag, an expansion of a “JEAH!"-inspired brand seems inevitable.