Tumblr Orgy

The Daily Pic By Blake Gopnik Hits 10,000 Followers on Tumblr

As of today, 10,000 people have hooked up with the Daily Pic on Tumblr.

09.07.12 4:21 PM ET

The Daily Pic has hit its 10,000th follower on Tumblr! – no competition with a cute cat video, but not too bad, for now, for a blog that is all and only about actual works of art, and why they matter (to me). Thank you, to everyone who enjoys looking at the Pic as much as I enjoy choosing each day’s work and writing it up. And don’t forget to try out the Daily Pic where it looks biggest, brightest and best – at BlakeGopnik.com and TheDailyBeast.com/daily-pic.

My biggest problem is that there’s so much wonderful art out there, and only one Daily Pic to fill each day.

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