Race to 270

Can Romney Capture Democratic Votes?

09.21.12 3:20 PM ET

Eli Lehrer argues he must in a forthcoming article for Huffington magazine.
Which constituencies might he consider targeting?

The Obama administration's lackluster support for Israel and downright refusal to meet with the Jewish State's Prime Minister creates an opening to attract Jews to the ticket.

The Romney campaign's forward-looking answers to a science questionnaire gives it a chance to attract more highly educated scientists, engineers and environmentalists who are trending Democratic. (For the record, Romney says in black and white that climate change is real and human caused.)

Although gaining their support in huge numbers would probably require policy changes that aren't feasible at this point, Romney should seriously think about changing policies on immigration and gay marriage issues when and if he moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Both Latino and LGBT voters have many good reasons to vote Republican but, largely because of misguided policies, aren't going to vote that way in November.