Hope in the Muslim World, ctd.

09.24.12 2:00 PM ET

News of bounties and barbarism isn't good to hear, but on the other hand, there are encouraging developments in Libya and Pakistan. Over the weekend, good news continued to develop in the Mideast as Libyans continued to push back against militias and mourned the loss of their friend, Ambassador Christopher Stevens. (There's also a Facebook group, "Libyans and Americans United for Friendship & Peace," which I encourage you to give a look.)

And now there's word of pushback in Pakistan against virulent anti-American protests.

23-year-old Faran Rafi from Islamabad, wrote: “I say when/if these #protests end, we take up the streets and clean up the mess. Show the world that real #Pakistanis say NO to violence.” He wrote the same on his Facebook wall and then created an event. In four hours, hundreds of people people across Pakistan signed up. By Saturday evening that number had gone up to thousands.