Debate Reaction

Mitt Romney’s Debate Performance: Best Tweets About GOP Nominee’s Love for Big Bird

Mitt Romney said during the presidential debate that he “loves” Big Bird—despite his threat to cut PBS’s budget. The GOP nominee’s remark lit up the Twitterverse afterward, and The Daily Beast gathered the best of the tweets.

10.04.12 8:45 AM ET

This may go down in history as the Big Bird debate. Just minutes after Mitt Romney’s “I love Big Bird!” comment, the yellow bird was Twitter’s man of the hour. Parody accounts and tweets spread like wildfire, furiously rallying behind the bird, whom Romney threatened to put out of a job by cutting government subsidies for PBS. While we wait to see which morning show gets a Sesame Street character to guest star first, here are the best tweets from and about the beloved yellow bird.

Big Bird kicked off the first of many accounts with this straightforward post.

Turns out Big Bird had a night job before landing a starring role on Sesame Street. Kids, avert your eyes.

Apparently ABC’s senior Washington editor, Rick Klein, took the initiative to call up Big Bird’s representative and got this straight-faced answer.

Sounds like a pretty easy kid.

After a heartless tweet about President Obama’s deceased grandma, this Twitter user might be pointing Big Bird in the right direction.

Journalist Nick Kristof had a celebratory meal option for the Romneys. Sounds disturbingly like a recent murder case.

Clint Eastwood’s invisible Obama chair + Romney’s discarded Big Bird = pure magic. The two Twitter accounts bonded.

This would make a great “Road to the White House”  mockumentary.

If R. Kelly is less controversial than Big Bird, something’s not right.

Not the replacement refs! Anything but the replacement refs!

Even celebrities weighed in on the hot-button topic of the moment.

Every election season needs a hero and this one just found its very own.

Is Romney voting against his own interests?

Tonight was a record-shattering debate for Twitter—the website announced it was the most tweeted about political event in Twitter history. Big Bird no doubt contributed.