If there is a BLS Conspiracy, It's the Worst Executed I've Ever Seen

10.05.12 7:23 PM ET

Ezra Klein reminds us that the job news that has the conservative press alleging conspiracy is … only so-so.

The 114,000 jobs we added in September aren’t very impressive. The revisions to the last two months, which added 86,000 jobs to the total, were much more impressive. Those revisions also suggest that September’s jobs could get revised up — or, of course, down. So be careful about reading too much into that number. Still, these are, at best, good, not great, numbers.

But a word to those quick to charge that there exists some kind of coordinated project by BLS staff (or the unemployed themselves!) to massage numbers to advance President Obama's re-election:

In a little less than a month's time, the Republican party will ask the American people to trust us with national executive power. It would be a great help if, in the interval, party supporters refrained from looking or sounding like raving madmen.