Anderson Cooper Adopts The Chanel Hula-Hoop Bag; Lagerfeld talks Eating Disorders

And the Angels think you want to watch them kickboxing.

10.12.12 4:11 PM ET

Anderson’s Chanel Prank: On one of his latest episodes of his show, Anderson, Anderson Cooper presented Alexa Chung with a homemade version of Chanel’s hula hoop bag for spring, embellished with his own initials. “You shouldn’t have, I mean you really shouldn’t have,” she said in gratitude, “It seems like a buoyancy aid too, you could really pad it out.” Following the show’s taping Cooper posed with the bag for Chung’s personal Instagram. [Vogue UK]

Lagerfeld’s Outlook on Eating Disorders: Karl Lagerfeld has been making a whole lot of appearances on European television this past week, and while some shows have played personal jokes on the Kaiser (one host even dressed as his cat Choupette, his latest inquisitor had some more serious notes to touch on. France’s Channel 4 host Cathy Newman picked Lagerfeld’s brain on the topic of eating disorders in the fashion industry—an issue that Lagerfeld’s not terribly concerned about. “I’m sorry to say, it’s a subject that I consider on the bar of ridiculous for several reasons…There are less than 1% of girls [who are] anorexic, but in France over 30% of girls are big, overweight. That is much more dangerous and very bad for the health.” [Fashionista]

Train with the VS Angels: The Victoria’s Secret show will air on December 4, but in anticipation, the company is sharing a series of workout videos featuring angels Erin Heatherton, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Candice Swanepoel on Facebook so you can train for the show with them too. The mix of  kickboxing, yoga and Pilates would surely whip anyone into shape, let alone a thoroughbred supermodel. [Page Six]