Kate Cost

The $163,000 Question: What Does It Cost To Be Kate?

Vogue Australia does the math.

10.16.12 3:56 PM ET

What does it cost to be Kate?
Vogue Australia has attempted to do the math and they have put a price on Kate's very glossy head—and they have come up with her number: $163,000 (or $159,000 Australian dollars).

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Here's the Aussie's math:

The first bill for her clothes came in at $55,000 for six months. At this rate, the year will total $110,000.

The Clarence House gym is free, but Kate’s thrice-weekly workouts in a Central London gym such as Third Space would cost an annual membership of $2,018.

The constant attention of the world requires the ministrations of her beauty elves:
 Deborah Mitchell Bee Venom facials.
The beautician treats Kate to glowing skin sans needles.
$249 a fortnight = $6,474

Richard Ward Hair and Metrospa. This holdover off Sloane Square must be doing something right.
Thrice weekly blow-dries plus Keratin Infusion extra moisture at $86 a pop = $13,416.

Cut: Morticia-length hair won’t work at a garden party: maintenance trim at $242 for long hair x 10 per year = $2,420.

Colour: Those rich, chocolate tones won’t apply themselves - L'Oréal Symbio and Fuente Organic colour for added gloss. $376 every six weeks = $3,008.

Arabella Preston, make-up artist
For the royal wedding, Preston stuck to Kate’s own formula: “very polished, a defined eye, a relatively nude lip.”
Bobbi Brown is Kate’s range of choice. A year’s worth of full face make-up (buying every two months) in medium nude from the Bobbi Brown range, including Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation, $78; Sheer Color Lip Gloss, $42, and Creamy Matte Lip Colour, $44 = $984.

Karin Herzog skincare
These goodies have made their way to the palace. Replenishing every two months: Professional Cleanser, $50; Vita-A-Kombi 1 day and night cream, $76; Vita-A-Kombi 3 Spot Zapper, $32 and The Oxygen Face Cream, $54. Annual cost = $1,272.

Marina Sandoval from the Jo Hansford salon famously travelled to Clarence House to create “natural, off-white and bridal” nails. A weekly mani/pedi at the salon annually = $6,708.

A decent London salon charges $120; to spray twice a week for a year = $12,480.

Signature scent
Kate’s wedding fragrance, Illuminum's White Gardenia Petals: 2 bottles for the year = $310.

Annual budget for the perfect princess: $159,090.