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10.23.126:29 PM ET

Nelly Maintains Air Force Ones Will Be Cool Again One Day

The sneakers of the early eighties will surely “circle back around, like things always do.”

The rapper was once synonymous with Air Force Ones, one of Nike’s best-selling shoes -- which were released in 1982 and hit their peak in the early 2000s. But now, they’re the stuff of ancient history -- and, of course, The Jersey Shore. So when we spoke to him at the Angel Ball on Monday night, we asked Nelly (whose iconic “Air Force Ones” song came out 10 years ago next week) how soon they’ll be considered a fine vintage.

So as a fashion reporter, I was wondering what you think of Air Force Ones today. Are they still cool?

I don’t know, Air Force Ones are a part of Nelly history so in that respect, I always have to give them a place in my heart. You know, I’m a sneakerhead so I know about the evolution of sneakers and you know, you’ve gotta keep up with what’s going on and stay a step ahead.

So they’re not cool anymore?

Well I think they can be, I think they can be with certain things that you rock. I think they are always gonna be cool sort of sneakers but as far as them being the now and the then—not at this moment. But I do think they will circle back around like things always do.

So what are cool sneakers today?

Now, besides the Air Jordans, and Lebron’s? The Air Yeezy’s, you can tell him [points at Kanye, who is sitting at the next table] I said it.