Fresh Prince

Party Like Prince Harry: Video Spoof

11.13.12 1:18 PM ET

What with Prince Harry being off in Afghanistan, it feels like a long time since we have seen much of Britain's cheekiest royal.

So three cheers for this new youtube vid showing a Prince Harry look-vaguely-alike rapping about his Vegas party going.

In the song, based on the theme tune for The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Harry stand-in Roddy Walker raps: "Now this is a story all about me, the fresh ginger prince of English royalty...Them b*tches really got me into trouble with my gran, and now I've got to go fight some war in Afghanistan."

Adam Drew, 24, one of the team who produced the film told the Sun: “We like Harry and his sense of humour, so just came up with this for a bit of fun.

“We were amused by his antics this year and thought the world must be missing him now the hero is away fighting, so it all sort of fell together."