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Food Friday: Your Thanksgiving Open Thread

Talk amongst yourselves

11.17.12 2:30 AM ET

Thanksgiving will be at the McSudermans this year, and we've just finished laying out the menu to please various palates and cooking talents.  This is a three-cook show, with a cameo from my husband; my mother, sister, and I all contribute about as much to the process.  Here's the menu, which was composed amidst solemn promises that we "aren't going to overdo it this year".  And indeed, in an excercise of heroic restraint, I see that we've kept it down to four vegetables this year. Plus, y'know, soup.  And cranberry sauce.  


Tomato soup with parmesan foam  



Deep fried turkey legs  

Slow-cooker buttermilk chive mashed potatoes


Cranberry bread


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Cranberry sauce

Ginger glazed carrots  

Braised peas with lettuce and mint  

Baby bok choy, szechuan style  

Creamed onions  


Pumpkin pie

Apple pie

Pecan bars  

What are you doing for the holiday?  Recipe swapping encouraged.