War Zone

Five Must-Watch Gaza-Conflict Videos

As the fighting rages on between Israel and Hamas, these clips reveal five key facets of the conflict, from the IDF’s ongoing propaganda war to the tragically young victims.

11.19.12 11:15 PM ET

Israel Defense Forces Abort Mission

The ongoing and escalating conflict in the Middle East is a propaganda war as much as an actual war, and the Israel Defense Forces have not been ignoring that crucial aspect of the fight. In this video posted to IDF’s official YouTube channel, an Israeli Air Force pilot aborts a mission because he sees civilians walking near the target.

Children Die and Speak Out In Gaza

In this harrowing report from Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman, a cameraman captures the limp bodies of children being pulled from rubble in Gaza City. Meanwhile, a Gazan girl speaks out from a hospital, asking the world to stop the attacks. “To the world and people: why should we be killed and why can’t we have a normal childhood?” she asked. Twenty or more Palestinian children have already been killed in the recent conflict, reports Goodman.

Israelis Protest Attacks on Gaza

As their city faced incoming rockets for the first time since 1991, Israelis in Tel Aviv took to the streets to protest their country’s attacks against Gaza. Signs such as “I Shall Not Hate” peppered the crowd, and the protestors chanted slogans like “This is not security! This is a recipe for another catastrophe!” according to a video and translation posted to YouTube by journalist David Sheen. Just a reminder that this conflict—like all conflicts—are not black and white.

Israel’s Iron Dome In Action

This home video, originally posted last Thursday, shows what appears to be Israel’s Iron Dome missile-defense system in action—intercepting Gazan rockets in midair. Iron Dome has blocked hundreds of rockets since last week. Read Jerusalem bureau chief Dan Ephron’s report on the system.

Media Offices Targeted by Israel

On Sunday, Israel struck two buildings used by Palestinian and international journalists in Gaza, The Washington Post and other news outlets report. But in this tense interview, posted to YouTube on Monday, a spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tells Al Jazeera that “we don’t target journalists.”