Not the Onion

Kim Jong-Un: Handsome, Rich, and (I Hope) Time's Person of the Year

12.13.12 3:29 PM ET

Because why not give "Person of the Year" to the head of soul-crushing, dehumanizing Communism's global redoubt?

Now, he’s gotten the most votes in TIME’s completely unscientific reader Person of the Year Poll with 5.6 million votes. Not bad for a man who didn’t make an official public appearance until 2010.

This doesn’t mean Kim is TIME’s Person of the Year. That choice is made by the editors of TIME and will be revealed Dec. 19 on the Today show, on and via TIME’s Twitter handle. The poll allows readers to weigh in on the people—and things (Hello, Curiosity Rover!)—whom they think influenced the news, for better or worse, in 2012.

For a much-needed reminder of the truth behind the North Korean facade, please venture to Commentary and read Jay Lefkowitz's story on "Escaping from the North Korean Stalemate."