‘What on Earth Are We Waiting For?’

While politicians step softly around the gun lobby, Americans keep dying.

12.17.12 5:07 PM ET

Independent New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is scheduled to make a major announcement on gun control at 12:30 today.  One of his former deputies on the issue, Arkadi Gerney, wrote an excellent op-ed this weekend for the New York Daily News, detailing the escalation of mass shootings in America and – crucially – laid out some remedies, with an eye-opening stat about NRA member support for some reasonable restrictions. 

“There is no single cause of these gun murders and no single solution. But some solutions are clear. One of the most obvious is passage of the Fix Gun Checks Act, a bill in Congress supported by police organizations and 700 mayors. It would ensure that the record of every person already prohibited from possessing a gun is in the background check database and that a background check is conducted on every gun sale.

“These two gaps contributed to Columbine and Virginia Tech — as well as countless, forgotten street killings. And, by the way, when Republican pollster Frank Luntz asked NRA members earlier this year whether they support background checks on every gun sale, 74% agreed.

“What on earth are we waiting for?”

Read the full op-ed at the New York Daily News.