Political Parties

No, the GOP Doesn't Face Extinction

01.07.13 3:20 PM ET

Political science professor Lane Crothers, who blogs as the very popular "Politicalprof" on Tumblr, explains why the GOP will probably be with us for the forseeable future!

[W]hatever the coalition of the moment, the “Democratic” and “Republican” parties have survived by evolving to adapt to the political realities of the moment. So, then, is this process of adaptation likely to stop? Are both (or one) of the Democratic and Republican parties likely to stop evolving to adapt to contemporary political realities? Clearly, if either party is likely to freeze in place today it’s the Republican Party. Republicans seem to be struggling to figure out how to offer a program that will appeal to today’s voters and today’s problems. But there’s nothing particularly new about parties struggling to make such changes. It’s a process, and always has been.

So if a third party rises, it seems to me that it will have to be a party that builds off Republican voters but offers some new take on an issue that the Republicans AND the Democrats haven’t offered. And I don’t really see an issue that can serve this end. So will we have a meaningful third party in the near future?

Don’t bet on it.