Al Franken Supports an Assault Weapons Ban

01.17.13 6:16 PM ET

Earlier today, we linked to a Minneapolis Post-Bulletin story on Sen. Al Franken's unclear stance on a potential assault weapons ban. They've since updated their post to reflect his support for such a ban, so we'll do the same. Below is Sen. Franken's statement in full:

"My heart is heavy over the tragedy that occurred in Connecticut and my thoughts are with those who are grieving,”said Sen. Franken. “I’ve always supported the Second Amendment rights of Minnesotans to own firearms for collection, protection, and sport. But I also think we need to find a balance between those rights and the safety of our children and our communities. I co-sponsored legislation to large clips like those used in so many mass shootings. I also support the principle that we should reinstate a ban on assault weapons, and I will carefully review any proposal to do that. We need to make sure we don’t have weapons out there that are really designed for the battlefield, and not for hunting. In the days and weeks ahead, I’m going to consult closely with all of the affected communities in the state – and that includes people like hunters, educators, parents, and other elected officials – about the best path forward."