Social Conservatives 'No Mas'

01.22.13 2:55 PM ET

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

If the NBC/WSJ poll is correct, American opinion on abortion is slowly but powerfully shifting in a pro-choice direction.

Much of this change, the NBC/WSJ pollsters say, is coming from African Americans, Latinos and women without college degrees -- all of whom increasingly oppose the [Roe v. Wade] Supreme Court decision being overturned.

If nothing else, this poll should retire forever the "natural conservatives" line about Hispanics advanced by pundits like Charles Krauthammer.

Hispanics … should be a natural Republican constituency: striving immigrant community, religious, Catholic, family-oriented and socially conservative (on abortion, for example).

None of that is true. Pocketbook issues make Hispanics natural Democrats, not natural Republicans. And they are increasingly resistant to GOP culture war themes. Already a majority of Hispanics favor gay marriage. With the shift to a pro-choice position by Hispanic women, Hispanic acculturation to the liberal coalition has become almost perfectly complete.