Don't Go!

German Newspaper Tells Britain To Stay in EU Because They Love The Royals

01.24.13 2:15 PM ET

The royal family are in fact German, so maybe this should come as no surprise. But still...

British PM David Cameron has stirred up a hornets' nest by saying the people of Britain are to be offered a referendum on whether or not they want to stay in the European Union.

German tabloid newspaper Bild has now had its say - and urges the UK not to leave, in part because they love the royal family.

The Bild says: "Some even speak of expulsion and want the friends of mint sauce and those who drive on the left completely out of the EU. But dear Britons, please stay! You are so crazy. We need your opposition, your obstinacy rather than a united Europe. And above all, we love your quirky Royals! Your punk! Your sense of humor!" (Translation via the Telegraph)